Power Rankings- 1/7/2018

After three conference games for most of the teams, it is time for another set of power rankings.

After a week that presented surprisingly few early surprises, we are where now in new territory. It is easier than ever to tell where each team belongs. That being said, there are still very interesting things to try to figure out in the standings.

So, we asked, as usual, Jerry Love and John Hooper to help us rank the teams and here are the latest power rankings.

2) Furman
4) Wofford
5) Mercer
6) Samford
7) Western Carolina
8) Chattanooga
9) VMI
10) The Citadel

–There were three teams ranked first by the four of us last time we did the power rankings. This week, we were down to just two teams receiving a first place vote. One was ETSU. The other was UNCG. Maybe that gets settled when these two hook up in Johnson City this week.

–Three teams received the exact same ranking in every set of rankings. One was Furman, who was voted second in all of our rankings. One was Wofford, who was voted fourth in all of our rankings. The last one was Chattanooga, who was eighth in every ranking.

–The interesting thing to me is if Wofford can squeeze into the top three again. They’ve hardly done anything to deserve dropping out of the top three, but here they are, no longer in the top three. Terriers could easily still win this league.


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